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Provider Directory Changes

Contracted providers can quickly and easily update your listing in our Scripps Health Plan provider directory. Submit your changes online.

Your Privacy

Learn how Scripps Health Plan keeps our members’ medical information safe and confidential.

Member Rights & Responsibilities

Learn more about Scripps Health Plan policies and procedures, as well as your rights and responsibilities as a plan member.

Network Map

Learn more about Scripps Health Plan’s extensive network in San Diego County, and look up affiliated providers and locations.
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Gym Membership Program

Active&Fit Direct program allows Scripps Health Plan members to get discounted memberships at participating fitness centers nationwide.
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Member Notices

Find current and past member notices pertaining to your Scripps Health Plan benefits.


In response to the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), Scripps Health Plan is taking steps to reduce costs and extend access to care. Learn more about changes.

Prior Authorizations

Learn more about medical services that require prior authorization from Scripps Health Plan, and how our review and approval process works.

Prior Authorization Request Form (pdf)

The Prior Authorization Request Form allows Scripps Health Plan providers to request approval for services for which authorization is required in advance.

Corrected Claims Form (pdf)

The Corrected Claim Form allows providers to amend an existing claim, including corrected diagnoses, provider information, charges and more.