Confidentiality of medical information

Scripps Health Plan values your privacy and keeping your medical information confidential. As a fully-licensed health plan, California law requires that we keep your information private, and Scripps Health Plan only discloses your information when coordinating your care or upon your request.

If you would like to designate someone to receive medical information from Scripps Health Plan on your behalf, complete and return the following form:

You have the right to request health plan communications containing medical information be communicated to you at a specific mailing address, email address or telephone number by completing a Confidential Communications Request (CCR) form.

We will acknowledge and accommodate your CCR if the communication is readily producible in the form and format you request. Your CCR is valid until you revoke it or a new request is submitted. We will implement your request within seven (7) calendar days of receipt of a completed CCR form by fax or within fourteen (14) calendar days of receipt by first-class mail.

You may also obtain the status of your request by calling the Customer Service Department at 844-337-3700, or for the hearing and speech impaired TTY: 888-515-4065. If you would like to submit a Confidential Communications Request, complete and return the following form:

When, or to whom, will Scripps Health Plan release my confidential medical information without my prior authorization?

  • With your primary care physician, specialists and other caregivers involved in your care
  • In emergency situations to coordinate your care
  • While coordinating your care and benefits with health care providers
  • With businesses Scripps Health Plan contracts with to administer the plan (third-party contractors are also required by law to protect your confidentiality)
  • For quality improvement and utilization review activities
  • By a court order or lawful request by law enforcement or a government agency

How does Scripps Health Plan safeguard my confidential medical information?

  • Your information is never sold or distributed to third parties for marketing purposes
  • Scripps Health Plan staff are regularly updated on privacy laws and best practices
  • You have the right to request how your medical information is disclosed to you (see our Notice of Privacy Practices (PDF, 320 KB))
  • You have the right to request access to your confidential medical information and to a summary of disclosures