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  • Primary and Specialty Care Providers

    Primary and specialty care providers

    Scripps Health Plan offers a vast network of quality providers located throughout the San Diego area.

    As a Scripps Health Plan member, you must select a primary care physician (PCP) for yourself and your family members. Your PCP coordinates your health care, maintains your medical records, provides routine care and refers you to specialists and other services when medically necessary. PCPs have at least one medical group affiliation. 

    Some PCPs have more than one medical group affiliation. When selecting a PCP, you should review the medical group affiliations of your provider to ensure you are gaining access to the correct medical group. You may choose a different PCP and medical group for each family member.

    It is important that you understand which providers and facilities are affiliated with the PCP and medical group you selected and the processes by which your care will be coordinated by your PCP to avoid unnecessary out-of-pocket costs to you.

    If you need to see a specialist, you will need a referral from your PCP for services to be covered. Your PCP will provide the appropriate referrals to other plan providers within your medical group that best fit your needs. You will also have direct access to certain services such as annual mammogram screenings, OB-GYN care within your medical group and other routine services that may not require a referral from your PCP.

    You may change your PCP at any time by calling the Scripps Health Plan customer service department. PCP changes are effective the first of the month following your requested change. If you have any questions, please call Scripps Health Plan customer service at 844-337-3700 or TDD 888-515-4065

    The availability of any particular provider cannot be guaranteed, and provider network composition is subject to change.

    Some hospitals and other providers do not provide one or more of the following services that may be covered under your plan contract and that you or your family member might need:

    • Family planning
    • Contraceptive services, including emergency contraception
    • Sterilization, including tubal ligation at the time of labor and delivery
    • Infertility treatments
    • Abortion

    You should obtain more information before you enroll. Call your prospective doctor, medical group, independent practice association or clinic, or call Scripps Health Plan at 844-337-3700 to ensure that you can obtain the health care services you need.

    Request a printed copy

    You may download the most recent version of the Scripps Health Plan Provider Directory (PDF, 4.3 MB) or request a printed copy by:

    To view the most up-to-date information about the Scripps Health Plan provider network, use the online search tool at the top of this page.

    Report inaccuracies

    To report any inaccuracies in the Scripps Health Plan (HMO) provider directory through the online search tool or printed copy, you may do one of the following:

    Communication assistance

    At Scripps Health Plan, we understand that health care matters can be complex and confusing sometimes even harder to understand if English isn’t your primary language.

    We provide free interpreter and translation services for all of our members. If you need help talking to your doctor, understanding medical information or obtaining care, please call our customer service department (844-337-3700 or TTY/TDD line 888-515-4065). We have representatives who have access to interpreter services in over 100 other languages who focus on quality of health care communication of medical relevant information.

    Your right to reasonable accommodations

    Scripps Health Plan values and respects the dignity of each and every one of our members. If you have a qualifying disability, you may have the right to reasonable accommodations to access the care you need – this is your right under Section 504 of the American’s with Disabilities Act. If you need help getting the care you need because of your disability, or believe that you have been discriminated against, please contact our Customer Service team at 844-337-3700.

  • Behavioral Health Providers

    Behavioral health services

    Scripps Health Plan members can access Evernorth Behavioral Health of California, Inc.’s network. You may create your own account or search the network as a guest.  

    To search the Evernorth Behavioral Health of California, Inc. website, visit and do the following:

    • Select “Find a Doctor”
    • Enter your zip code and city for the geographical area provider options
    • Select “Doctor by Type” or “Doctor by Name” or “Health Facilities” depending on your individual needs
    • Search for a behavioral health provider

    You may also call Evernorth Behavioral Health of California, Inc. at 888-736-7009 for assistance with finding a provider.

  • Pharmacy Network

    Pharmacy network

    Start a search for a pharmacy near you.

    Pharmacy Locator

    You may also call MedImpact at 844-282-5343 for assistance in finding a pharmacy. 

  • Acupuncture and Chiropractic Providers

    American Specialty Health is your resource for acupuncture and chiropractic services. Visit to find a provider. You may also speak to an American Specialty Health representative directly at 800-678-9133.

    Did you know that American Specialty Health offers health and wellness programs in addition to acupuncture and chiropractic services? Whether you’re ready to kick-start your routine or just looking to level up, American Specialty Health’s Active&Fit Direct program allows you to choose from 12,000+ fitness centers and studios with no long-term contracts. Plus, access 12,000+ guided workout videos designed for all fitness levels in the comfort of your home. Get the flexibility you need in a fitness routine. All for just $28/month. Visit to find a participating center in your area.

Information is current as of 7/23/2024. For the most current information, contact customer service at 844-337-3700.